A workshop that honours our unique voices and celebrates the transformative power of group singing.

Singing for Busy Women is an antidote to the demands and pace of our busy modern lives. 

This workshop is the perfect tonic for time poor women who are juggling many responsibilities and yearning for some balance, some creative nourishment and an outlet for release.

Sunday 20 October from 2-5pm at the Anglican Hall, Ashton Street Bangalow.

Shire Choir’s Melia Naughton will skillfully but gently lead you through a range of singing and improvisation exercises designed to help you shake off fatigue, and really focus on your breathing and being. 

Melia Naughton is a Natural Voice Leader, a dynamic workshop facilitator and presenter and a charismatic choir leader. She is a classically trained musician, award-winning songwriter and actor. Her focus is on engaging women to feel more comfortable using their voice and expressing themselves clearly and confidently. 

For everyone with a voice.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat/towel.

$50+ per person including afternoon tea (with cake by Shire Choir’s Sally Schofield, Bangalow Show blue ribbon winner.)

‘We are enough, just as we are, women in this world. This workshop was a perfect reminder.’  Helen Holt.

A Sounds of the Shire event brought to you by Shire Choir.

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